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The Software Lifecycle Manager

The QA Navigation Software Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is a software suite to support the activities in the life cycle of software development. The SLM provides you an integrated test, error report, change request and shipment management tool.

The Software Lifecycle

The SLM consists of

  • The Test Workbench (more...), our Software Testing and Test Management Tool.
  • The Report Manager (more...), our tool for Bug Tracking, CR Management, Fix Management and Shipment Management.
  • The Statistics Generator (more...) to provide you with all process data.

The SLM's philosophy is to provide the customer a high level of individual flexibility, ready to adapt to your individual requirements with low effort. It is prepared to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Each of the SLM products feature functionality not found in similar products. (more...)

Why you should consider the Software Lifecycle Manager as a tool of your choice:

We want to offer our customers professional support for their issues.

We need a test tool and bug tracking tool which integrates itself into our existing environment.

We want to be able to customize the tool to our needs.

We need a tool which supports the whole software development lifecycle.

We are looking for Open Source tools.

Help, we are hijacked by our own data!

We got good software testing tools, but they don't integrate.

We are looking for quality tools.

Please read our Customer Success Story.

Here you can download the SLM.

The SLM is Made for Customer Support

With its web service front end the SLM is the perfect tool to provide incident management and bug tracking support for clients. At the same time it provides a professional tool for all the activities which follow the report of an issue. (more...)


The SLM is Ready for Integration

With the interfaces provided the SLM can be connected to any third party tool.

Should that not be sufficient, the SLM is Source-Open and can be modified to any requirement. (more...)


The SLM is Made for Customization

One of the basic ideas behind the concept of the SLM is to provide a smart set of tools which can be assembled to meet your requirements instead of forcing you to adapt yourself to the restrictions of a given tool.

All parameters and values of the test manager and for error tracking can be easily customized.

Other tools have graphic editors which allow you to design a work flow and the layout of a panel. But this approach limits you to the design and the capability of the editor.

Instead of an monolithic block the SLM consists of a collection of smart building blocks. The database is a generic, XML based database, thus it does not require any adaptation to accept new form fields or new documents. (more...)

When you license the SLM we can provide you with a tailor-made version of the SLM which minimizes friction and maximises productivity.


The SLM - a Tool for the Entire Software Lifecycle

The SLM is designed to overcome the gaps between testing, bug reports, fixing and shipment. It can store the data itself or it can link to existing databases, whatever your requirements are.

With the advent of SOA the process of reporting, fixing and shipping software is going to change dramatically. The SLM is ready for that change.


The SLM is Source-Open

The SLM is shipped with its source code and you are invited to extend it or adapt it to your needs. It is not "Open Source", according the definition of the Open Source Initiative. Please read why.


Hijacking by Data - A Special Form of Customer Relation

A lot of tools make sure that their user stays with the product for a long time by tying them to their application by their own data. Individual data cannot be exported, the database is obfuscated or the exported data are. This is done even at the risk of not being able to back up and restore individual documents.

We believe that the user should be the master of his own data. This is why all data in the SLM can be exported at any time in an independent format: XML.

If you want your data to be liberated from such a prison: we are experienced data ripper, we can offer you help.


The SLM is Ready to Integrate other Software Test Tools

There are a lot of good test automation tools in the field. The SLM is designed to combine their abilities with the strength of the SLM - Test Management, Bug Tracking and Shipment Management. Its open architecture makes it ready to cooperate with any given third party tool.


The SLM is Focused on Quality

We are annoyed by all those software tools, which sometimes become more a hindrance than a help. Instead of supporting us in our productivity they eat time and resources due to their low quality.

We intend to do it better. Instead of feature richness we concentrate on doing what we do right.