QA Navigation

The QA Navigation SLM Architecture

Lightweight Installation and Configuration

The SLM is a lightweight application, which requires only minimal configuration effort to be ready for use. At the same time it can be adapted your organisational values, project values and infrastructure settings simply by changing the relevant configuration files. The wording of the SLM can be change to use your preferred wording.

Independent Modules

The QA Navigation SLM is not, like so many other products, a monolithic block, but a collection of independent tools, which help the user to accomplish his mission. Therefore you can choose which application you wish to use and where you want to continue to use your legacy applications.

The open interface architecture of the SLM makes it ready to be integrated into any existing quality management environment.

Open Source

The SLM is shipped with its source files, allowing you to change the application to meet your requirements.


The SLM architecture of a layered set of smart software modules allows it to execute any adaptation to individual requirements with ease. The functionality, work flow, but also the look & feel of the applications can be changed individually with low effort.

The special data storing concept of the SLM (generic database) allows it to add new data fields to the application, without the necessity to change the data base, while the searchabililty of the SQL based database is still maintained.

XML Data Storage

All produced data are coded as XML and stored as such. All data of the SLM can be imported or exported as XML files within every module at any point in time. This allows an easy integration of data from other applications or feeding other applications with data.

To avoid redundancy, but provide maximal flexibility at the same time the individual documents are provided with a unique, unambiguous ID and linked amongst each other by the ID. Hypertext-like links in the non-HTML applications allow to jump to the linked document and display it with the according application.

Due to the architecture of the QA Navigation SLM applications the data can be stored centrally in a common database, or dispersed on different computer, to be merged into a common database and then distributed again. This way the data for preparing executing the test can be collected independently without the necessity to work in a common network.

The Report Manager Architecture

Report Manager Architecture

The Test Workbench Architecture

Test Workbench Architecture