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The Report Manager

The Report Manager is a tool for processing and following up

  • Change Requests
  • Technical Reports
  • Fixes and
  • Shipments

Change Requests, Technical Reports (often called "Error Reports"), Fixes and Shipment Papers are classic documents created and processed throughout the life cycle of software development.

With the SLM they stop existing in isolation and turn into a library of interlinked documents giving the answers to the questions "why", "where", "when".

The Report Manger is a web-based application and does not require any installation for the user. The only requirement is a standard Internet browser (e.g. IE6 or Firefox) and access to the Report Manager server in the net work.

The look and feel, the content of the documents as well as the work flow can be can be easily adapted to your specific needs. (more...)

When reporting a issue a virtual ticket is sent to the client. With this ticket the client can track the processing of the report throughout all stages. In case of major changes to the state of the report an e-mail is issued automatically to the client.

The service team which processes the issues benefits from the functionality of the Report Manager in various ways: the supervisor has an overview over all documents recorded with the Report Manager and is provided with the tools necessary to manage them. The Report Manager guides the members of the service team through the process of handling the report.

The Report Manager can also be controlled through an external tool. The standard implementation demonstrates this with the Test Case Executor, which issues a Technical Report via a CGI call. Other services of control, via Web Services and AJAX, are also implemented and can be extended to meet your needs.